Artist - Anastiscia Chantler-Lang


"don't just exist within a space, become your space."

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, a self taught artist with an M.A in Psychology, she relocated to lake Tahoe in 2015. Anastiscia has lived in Canada, Japan, Cambodia, USA and has traveled extensively working in fashion and handbag design. In her colorful MIX MASH of style, she uses pastels, oil pastels, pen and marker, acrylics and colored pencils to convey feelings and experiences. a majority of her artwork incorporates vibrant edgy colors, for she believes that "bold colors are the arousing enthusiasm of life".

In 2008, the world as Anastiscia knew it came crashing down as she contracted LYME DISEASE, a serious, debilitating and painful disease, that if left untreated becomes life threatening. She has been on a roller coaster ride of journey through loss, pain, disappointment and discouragement. It is through on going treatment and encouragement her ART has made a comeback bolder and more expressive than ever. Through the sales of her artwork she donates to lyme patients in crisis 

Anastiscia's art works are created to be thought provoking pieces, invoking emotion and a sense of wonder from viewers. The subjects in these pieces all have a unique and innate beauty in subtle forms and features. The idea behind these works is to bring out the inner spirit, passion and strength of people and animals that are often overlooked. the vibrant colors often seen in many of these art works further illustrate the poignant inflection that the mood portrays on the audience, as Bright Colors is how she chooses to see the world.