Spoken Color Art
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"What the eyes can see, the heart can feel"

 Anastiscia Chantler Lang


the inspiration

In her contemporary human expression pieces she conveys - the grace, beauty, sensuality, power, strength, and confidence  of the female essence. These magnificent pieces reflect how she sees women all over the world, making a difference with extraordinary poise and elegance. 

The Native American pieces are inspired by a tremendous amount of respect and passion for the ancient culture and wisdom of indigenous people. THese works reflect their symbolic nature and colorful rituals, which all revolve around the purpose of preserving Mother Earth and honoring the great spirit.

In many of the pieces you will see circles integrated in the art work. For Anastiscia, circles are a part of almost every piece because they represent life, coming full circle. A circle has no break and holds all that cannot be broken, destiny within the journey of life.


the Artwork

These original pieces are made in a mixed media which is an art form that incorporates multiple mediums in a single art piece. This includes all forms of pastel, water color marker, color pencil, pen and ACRYLIC paint layered over and over again. This style creates a unique and head-turning affect through the variety of colors, textures, and layers. 


acrylic prints - Our latest and most popular products to date are acrylic prints which are A contemporary, expressive art medium for popping colors of the art. ULTRa HD, a new exposure METHOD using a solid state laser. CONSISTENT distance between the laser and paper ensure the highest quality results with the art piece. the art piece will take on an almost magical luminescence. The ultra-hard, UV and scratch-resistant surface is water/weatherproof and can be cleaned easily. 

Gallery Wrapped - the canvas is professionally hand-stretched over a wooden frame and secured in the back where the hardware is hidden. The sides of the canvas are primed the same as the front, allowing the canvas to be presentable without a frame. The image is often extended from the front to the sides but a solid color can also be used. a gallery wrapped canvas is professional looking, ready to hang, and are UV protected.